G1.3 Gauge - Measures the change in cracks several centimetres in width
Made in France

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> Detailed description of G1.3 gauge

This gauge is recommended for measuring to 1/10th mm structural changes involving several centimetres, or noticeable development of a relatively large gap.

The standard G1.3 gauge is suitable for measuring a maximum width of 17 centimetres.

The G1.3 gauge is reusable.

This G1.3 Saugnac Gauge is based on the same two concepts:
  • Measurements are made using a vernier measuring to 1/10th of a mm
  • It can be fixed using double-sided self-adhesive tabs, glued if necessary, or attached mechanically using plugs and screws supplied with the gauge.
Dimensions: 260 x 40 mm, depth 3 mm, weight 8 g. Traction force 55 g.

The G1.3 gauge is composed of a rule graduated from 0 to 20 cm sliding within a vernier plate and includes a table for noting dates and readings.

The gauge is made from extruded PVC. It is designed for interior and exterior measurement in a single plane of changes in wide gaps.

The G1.3 gauge is reusable.

> Examples of reading

1) Exact dimension

The of the vernier scale corresponds exactly to a millimetre graduation.

Rhe dimension in mm is obtained directly



Reading: 33 mm

*It can be seen that in the case of an exact reading the last mark on the right of the vernier scale corresponds to a millimetre graduation.
2) Reading with decimals

The of the vernier is between two millimetre divisions. The millimetre division to the left of the gives a reading in whole numbers of mm.

Now look for a mark on the vernier coinciding with any mark on the rule. this mark indicates the decimal figure to add to the size in whole mm.



Reading: 42.5 mm

It can be seen in the example above, that it is clearly division 5 of the vernier which coincides with division 47 of the rule.
> Using the G1.3 gauge

As a variation on the so-called "standard" use of the gauge with a rule of 20 cm as shown on the previous page, we propose:

- replacing the rule by another of 50 cm to assess a
more significant variation in width,

- abandoning the standard rule and using a 19 mm wide steel millimetre tape passed through 2 vernier plates the distance between which is specified. The tape is fixed on one side.

Intermediate plates can be positioned so as to avoid any buckling of the tape.

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