G1.1 Gauge

81,50 w/o VAT per box 10 units

  • For parallel lip cracks in interiors only
  • Reading the crack with a resolution of 1/10th of a mm.
  • Automatic reading and monitoring of measurements with Saugnac.app
  • Simple fixing with self-adhesives supplied or mechanical fixing with pre-drilled holes
  • Can be fixed at an angle with the folding bar supplied
  • Supplied in boxes of 10 gauges with 1 pen and instructions for use

Made in France

Technical characteristics

  • Resolution
    1/10th of a mm
  • Type of monitoring
    Tracking on 1 axis
  • Type of crack
    Vertical, horizontal and corner cracks with the folding bar
  • Use
    Indoor only / Dry rooms
  • Fixing
    Gluing with the self-adhesives supplied or mechanical fixing with impact anchors (sold separately)
  • Installation conditions with self-adhesive
    Installation temperature: between 5°C and 35°C. Effective bonding from 0°C to +80°C
  • Length
    160mm with folding bar
  • Width
  • Thickness
    3mm (plate thickness = 0.7mm, pull tab thickness 0.5mm)
  • Maximum amplitude
    approx. 30mm (possible variation between maximum and minimum measurement)
  • Weight
  • Material
    Extruded PVC
  • Tensile strength
  • Coefficient of linear expansion
    7.10-5 m/m/°C

Fixing, reading and monitoring

The G1.1 gauge is part of the G1 Saugnac type gauges based the same concepts :

    1. They can be fixed in place using self-adhesive tabs or using mechanical fixing with screws : two ø 4 mm holes facilitate fixing using plugs and screws on difficult structures where self-adhesion and sticking are not possible.
    2. The gauge is delivered with a foldable plastic angle bar inserted into a slotted hold. This patented system offers two advantages : the possibility to fix the jauge in angle easily, and the absorption of unwanted movement in other axis that could block the gauge. More explanations on fixing principles are available on G1 product page.
    3. Measurements are made using a vernier measuring to 1/10th of a mm. More explanations about reading principles available on G1 product page.
    4. Each gauge is uniquely identified with an ID and a QR code.
    5. A free application is available for tracking and automatic reading on https://saugnac.app. Find all the explanations on how the application works. If you do not wish to use an application, a monitoring Excel file is also available to monitor the measurements of your sites.

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