G1.2 Gauge

90,80 w/o VAT per box 5 units

G1.1 Gauge is recommended for measuring crack evolution in a single plane. Transparent gauge recommended for quality structure.

Delivered with a box of 5 gauges, 1 pen and detailed notice.

Table of content

Technical characteristics
Reading and fixing the gauge
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Technical characteristics

The G1.2 gauge is identical to the G1 gauge but is transparent for use on quality structure (decorated interiors, stone facades, …) to be unobstrusive and barely visible. It is weather-resistant.

  • Reading the crack evolution to 1/10th of a mm using a vernier
  • Transparent in lexan polycarbonate
  • Foldable plastic angle bar inserted into a slotted hold (patented system)
  • Weather-resistant (for outside or wet building)
  • Size : 140 X 40 mm, total depth: 3 mm,
    • thickness of plate = 0,7 mm
    • thickness of sliding tongue = 0,5 mm
  • Weight 4g
  • Traction force in the order of 25g
  • Coefficient of linear expansion = 7.10-5

Reading and fixing

The G1.2 gauge is part of the G1 Saugnac type gauges based on the 3 same concepts :

    1. Measurements are made using a vernier measuring to 1/10th of a mm. More explanations about reading principles available on G1 product page.
    2. They can be fixed in place using double-sided self-adhesive tabs or using mechanical fixing with screws : two ø 4 mm holes facilitate fixing using plugs and screws on difficult structures where self-adhesion and sticking are not possible.
    3. The gauge is delivered with a foldable plastic angle bar inserted into a slotted hold. This patented system offers two advantages : the possibility to fix the jauge in angle easily, and the absorption of unwanted movement in other axis that could block the gauge. More explanations on fixing principles are available on G1 product page.

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