G20 Gauge - To monitor the changes in distance between 2 points
Made in France

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> Detailed description of G20 gauge

The Saugnac recording strain gauge, or G20 unit, which use the measurement, amplification and recording qualities of the G2 Gauge, makes it possible to monitor to the nearest 1/10th of a millimetre the changes in distance between 2 points A and B, which are several metres apart. The distance between these points may be several metres.

The G20 unit is used particularly to study the "movement in space" of structures.

Example: recording the distortion in the base of diagonal ribs of vaulting 7.20 m across.
Church of Saint Saturnin de la Forêt Sainte Croix (91). State-qualified heritage property architect (DPLG)

Example: Recording the yielding of load-bearing walls of barrel/groin vaulting.
Medina of Fès - Medersa Attarine XIV century

> Details of the G20 unit
Diagram of vaulting fitted with a G20 unit

1 : Cold drawn invar wire ø 1.65 mm Mean coefficient of linear expansion = 2 x 10-7 / °C between 0 and 50°
2 : Fixed point
3 : Return pulley with ball bearings
A : Unit
B : Protective cover

Recording the deformation

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