G3 Gauge - Measures changes in vertical or horizontal alignment
Made in France

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> Detailed description of G3 gauge

The G3 gauge is intended for measuring variations in vertical alignment, horizontal unevenness, or more generally, the variations in movement of a plane "Z" perpendicular or parallel to a reference plane "X,Y".

Monitoring changes in a break in a paving

This G3 Saugnac Gauge is based on the same two concepts:
  • Measurements are made using a vernier measuring to 1/10th of a mm.

  • It can be fixed in place using double-sided self-adhesive tabs.

Its cube shape enables it to be used in any position: on a plinth or in vertical or horizontal angles.
the box and arm of the G3 Gauge are in white, anti-UV treated ABS Lustran H604 plastic. The sensor is in aluminium.
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 130mm
Weight 40 g
Force of the spring 40 g
The G3 gauge is intended for measuring variations in vertical or horizontal alignment of the edges of cracks or the variation in movement of a plane "Z" perpendicular or parallel to a reference plane "X,Y".

A = B: Plane Z
C: Plane XY
D: Unevenness
(1) double-sided self-adhesive tab 50 X 50 mm
(2) aluminium sensor ø 4 mm, length 70 mm

> Fixing the G3 gauge

The gauge is supplied with a double-sided self-adhesive tab enabling satisfactory installation. Above, a G3 gauge attached to a ceiling.

A: 2 4/40 screws , B: Intermediate plate , C: Self-adhesive tab , D: E.J

If the installation surface is irregular, damaged, damp or of poor quality, use an intermediate plate 50 X 120 X 4 mm (supplied on request), fixed by mechanical means.

The plate then becomes the installation surface: use the double-sided adhesive to fix the gauge to it.

> Protecting the G3 gauge

We can offer a protective cover in thermoformed plastic or IP65 aluminium

   1- Protection with the plastic casing
A semi-flexible, transparent cover 27 X 13 X 9 cm can be provided to protect the gauge from the weather. It is fixed to the structure with a self-adhesive strip and by plugs and screws

Installation of a G3 gauge outdoors with the transparent casing

Detail of fixing with plugs and screws

Reading through the transparent casing

   2- Protection with the aluminium casing
As "high protection" protective covers we offer boxes in IP65 aluminium 175 X 80 X 57 mm deep.

Protecting a G3 gauge (palace in Saudi Arabia)

> Using the G3 gauge

   1- The G3 gauge can measure changes in alignment

To measure the changing shift of the capital on the column, 2 G3 gauges are fixed to the column, at 90° to each other.

The column is out of true in relation to the capital following the earthquake in Fès (01.03.2004)

   2- The G3 gauge can be used even when elements are significantly out of true.

Bringing the base of the gauge to the correct level by means of adjustable plates.

Using a sensor of a length appropriate for the misalignment.

> G3 gauge with graphic recording kit

We can supply a graphic recording kit to be mounted on the G3 Gauge. This kit makes it possible to record structural yielding. This new device records the maximum and minimum distortion on the graph.

Views of the G3 gauge with the kit mounted on it
(1) G3 gauge
(2) Intermediate plate
(3) Self-adhesive tab
(4) Intermediate plate attached to the gauge by a self-adhesive tab on the latter's lateral surface
(5) Self-adhesive millimetre grid, stuck on the plate (4)
(6) Tray holding a lead, fixed to the arm of the gauge with 2 butterfly nuts (9)
(7) Pencil lead
(8) Recording
The tray (6) - holding the lead - is placed astride the arm with the sensor threaded through it. It is held firmly in place by the 2 nuts (9) holding the sensor.

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