27,50 w/o VAT

  • For measuring the width of a crack between 0,1mm et 20mm.
  • Transparent plastic rule 125 X 40 mm, 11/10ths of a mm thick.
  • Delivered with protective case and detailed notice.

Measuring the width of a crack of less than 2mm

Reading the width of the crack is very simple: apply the crack gauge to the crack and slide it until the graduated line overlaps the thickness of the crack.

In the example opposite, the reading is 0.6mm


Measuring the width of a crack of more than 2mm

Position the triangular scale grid of the fissurometer perpendicular to the crack. To read the value, identify the line where the intersection with the triangle coincides with the edges of the crack.

In the example shown here, the reading is 11mm.


To measure the evolution of a crack accurately (from 1/10th of a mm to 1/50th of a mm), you need to use G1 type gauges:

And the possibility to use the G6 gauge to follow a crack movement on 2 axes

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