Vitrometer - Measures the space between two panes
Made in France

The vitrometer is a small plastic rule, graduated on both sides, with which the thickness of single glazing, glued glazing and the layer of air in insulating double-glazing can be measured.

Measuring the thickness t1 of single glazing

  1. Position the vitrometer against the glazing with the "top" surface facing upwards; the device is then inclined at 45°.

  2. Adjust your line of sight to view along the top surface of the vitrometer. For practical reasons when taking readings, do not try to read on glazing in full sun but on a shaded part.

  3. The thickness of the glass t1 in mm is read off at the point where one of the graduated mm marks is superposed on the second extended line.

A : Read t1 = 6 mm ; B : Eye ; C : Vitrometer ; D : Simple glazing ; E : 2nd extended line ; F : Line of contact between vitrometre/glazing

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