Because materials are not inert, because the ground moves and while living and moving, affects the quality of constructions, their safety, the comfort they procure, there are many structures and constructions which require either constant or occasional monitoring.

This is the primary purpose of Saugnac Gauges: keeping watch.

The second purpose of Saugnac Gauges is in helping to manage the "disturbance" to a construction by measuring how it is changing.

Different types of gauges are needed to deal with different types of disturbance.

By adapting the type of gauge to install to the phenomenon to be observed (crack, movement, shift, inclination) and because a phenomenon is poorly understood unless it can be measured, Saugnac Gauges measure over time, worsening, stabilisation and even cycles of evolution. Regular readings are noted on meaningful graphs and define the trends in the disturbance.

Knowledge of the "disturbance" evolution is crucial for repair.

These gauges, designed and perfected by Janpierre Saugnac, an expert in the field, provide accurate and practical solutions to problems which, up to now, have been treated at best in a rather unrefined way.

Saugnac Gauges replace once and for all plaster indicators.

It's the brand for the expert.
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